Addu Dive Sites


Addu Atoll is a totally different Atoll compare with the most other Atolls you can find at Maldives, it's almost closed by the surrounding islands and their reefs, Addu has only four channels where the water is passing trough, and because of those surronded reefs was can dive almost with any kind of weather because we are well protected from high waves.

Addu Atoll has still reefs with the best hard corals you can find at Maldives, but the El Nino (coral bleaching) in 2016 made a huge damage between the 3 and 12 meters on the outside reefs. Addu is famous because it's Manta Cleaning Station, as far we know, it's the only Manta Point at Maldives where we can see 12 months a year the reef manta rays.

Within just 10 minutes by boat we have the biggest wreck at Maldives, "The British Loyalty" a second worldwar wreck with a lengths of 140 meters at 31 meters depth. This wreck can bedives by all level of divers, It's inside the Atoll without any currents.

We have around 20 dives sites, for novice and experienced divers, depths are between the 5 and 30 meters, depending on the diver experience, we decide depending on weather, currents and the level of our guests where we go for diving. We can dive in different groups so that all feel comfortable during their dives.

Diving at Addu can be extremely excited because of those strong current in the channels, with great chances to encounter "the big stuff", like Manta Rays, Gray Reefsharks, Eagle Rays, Togtooth Tunas and if very lucky we can see Tiger & Hammerhead Sharks. At the topreefs we can find the species like turtles, napoleons, white and blacktip sharks and all common reeffish.

If you are flexible with your travel dates, then then I do advice you to be at Addu during Full or New Moon, we will have stronger currents and this will bring more bigfish arround. Remember Maldives deep blue can give you "anything" to see but it's not an aquarium. We need the right current on the right time with a little luck with the right guides those know the sites here.

We do know !!

What can we expect:

Outside Reefs:
depth: 5 and 30+ Meters
visibility: 20m / 50m
current: none / strong
hard corals: ****
soft corals: *
big fish: **
reef fish: ****

Inside Reefs:
depth: 5 and 30 Meter
visibility: 20m / 30m
current: none / small
hard corals: **
soft corals: *
big fish: *
reef fish: ***

depth: 10 and 30++ Meters
visibility: 20m / 50m
current: none / very strong
hard corals: ****
soft corals: *
big fish: ****
reef fish: ***

Dive Site names:

1 Hithadhoo Outside
2 Kottey Corner
3 Kottey Outside
4 Demon Point Outside
5 Bodu Hoholha (caves)
6 Kuda Hoholha (cave)
7 Kuda Kandu Corner
8 Marc's Dream (inside)
9 Mahala (inside)
10 Bushy Outside
11 Bushy East (outside) 
12 Manta Point (channel)
13 Maa Kandu Corner
14 Ismahela Outside
15 Meedhoo Outside
16 Meedhoo Coral Garden (outside)
17 Herathera

18 Mulikolhoo Faru (channel)
19 Bananareef (inside)
20 Gan Inside
21 Gan Outside
22 Wreck British Loyalty (inside)
23 Maa Kandu Thila (inside) 


We all wish to dive with you soon,
Aquaventure Team